our story

In 1957, seven couples began meeting in Bob & Lil Fulton’s living room for worship.  Over time, that group grew, and met for several years at the Village Hall by the Town Common on Edgell Rd.  In 1963 the Village Bible Chapel was built at our current location (1341 Edgell Rd).  For over five decades, Village Bible Chapel, and now Crossroads Community Church, has been a faithful witness to Jesus Christ in the Metro-West region.  Long known for being a warm, family church, Crossroads is in the process of developing a missional identity as we seek to engage individuals and our community with the love of Christ.

Back in 1999 a local church surveyed MetroWest residents to find that 8 out of 10 were not attending church regularly and that over 4 out of 10 were not connected to a church in anyway.  The study found that most people in MetroWest did not attend church because they thought it was boring and would not add anything to their everyday lives.  Church, as they remembered it, was formal, strict and disillusioning.

When asked what would interest them in church, they said a comfortable atmosphere that’s open and informal.  They wanted the church to be involved in the community.  They wanted the teachings of the church to be relevant and wanted a church their children would enjoy attending.

Around this same time, the Village Bible Chapel began to re-think what a church would need to look like to minister to people in the year 2000 and beyond.  The church changed its name to Crossroads Community Church and began a process of change that is still taking place today.

In recent years, we have experienced a fresh wind of excitement and renewed vision. One outcome of this new passion was realized in the purchase of the early childhood center next door.  With the acquisition of this space we were able to more than double our classroom space, provide beautiful meeting rooms for our small groups, provide ample room for our junior and senior high youth groups, and run the Crossroads Christian Childcare Center during the week.  It is our hope and prayer that God would use this additional property to allow us to love and serve more young families (a population that is rapidly receding in American churches) in our area.  We are thankful that God allowed us to pay this mortgage off in 2008.

In 2006, we hired Vinnie Cappetta to be our Associate Pastor.  Vinnie’s serves primarily in the areas of spiritual formation, counseling and support ministries, leadership development and assimilation.

In January of 2010, we expanded from one to two weekly worship services to meet the needs of our growing congregation, and in October of 2011, Bill Hodgeman was called to serve as our fourth Senior Pastor.  We believe God’s leading is to engage our mission field, love our neighbors, develop leaders, renew our children’s and youth ministries and continue our commitment to God-centered worship and life-changing, Biblical preaching. This continues to be our focus as God called Joe Romeo to become our Lead Pastor in September 2017.

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